PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE- 10  PREVENT-10 is a 10-step process that our trained technicians perform on-site to any laser printer you choose.  All the critical parts of your printer are cleaned and inspected for wear and tear.  Some parts are routinely changed.  Ask about our special service program for toner customers.

Each picture below represents one of the 10 steps in the preventative maintenance process.  Mouse over each picture to view the step number and description; click on each picture for additional step information.
STEP 1 - Remove Toner and Paper Dust from Fusing Assembly. Check the Assembly and Replace as Necessary
STEP 2 - Check and Clean Job offset, Switchback Duplex Assemblies and Auxiliary Paper Trays.
STEP 3 - Replace and Clean Machine Filters
STEP 4 - Clean Image Transfer Assembly
STEP 5 - Inspect and Clean Pick-Up Roller Service
STEP 6 - Inspect drive gears for wear
STEP 7 - Tighten or Replace Screws and Check Grounding Straps
STEP 8 - Inspect, replace, and clean separation pads and rollers
STEP 9 - Inspect and Clean Registration Assembly
STEP 10 - Inspect and Clean Beam-to-Drum Optical Path

PC Technology/Printing By Deborah Denny

 PM-10 Saves Laser Printers, Reduces Costs

Can Service Contracts Save You Money?

Printer warranties expire all too soon, leaving behind the question of whether one should buy a service contract to maintain and protect your laser printer. An annual service contract is only as good as the money it saves. For laser printers, this means preventing damage that can result in lost productivity, costly repair bills, and expensive printer replacement. We have found one service program PM-10 that is well worth considering.

The Value of Annual Service
PM-10 is a preventive maintenance program that is offered by a number of laser printer service companies around the country. Developed by a company on the East Coast, PM-10 was designed to eliminate those factors that most often cause image defects and printer malfunctions.

After years of repairing laser printers, weíve learned that most breakdowns can be avoided by having a printer professionally serviced at least once a year, said Ed Rish, President of American Business Technology, one of the nationís largest printer service and supply companies. "I can never understand why anyone would shell out hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on a high tech piece of equipment

and then fail to ensure that it's cared for properly. Printers need professional-quality maintenance in order to function properly over the long term."

Recent studies confirm that having a printer serviced annually including cleaning, lubrication and replacement of worn parts can actually double its life, in addition the cost of PM-10 is low when compared with repair and replacement bills experienced when printers are not maintained regularly.

Early Warning
The 10-steps of PM-10 include a thorough cleaning of the printerís interior and a complete inspection of its parts. Worn components, such as separation pads and up to 2 feed tires are replaced as part of the service. Loose screws are tightened and missing screws are replaced. The machine is also lubricated. Upon completion of the service, the technician tests the machine for smooth operation and sharp output.

10 Steps to a Clean Machine
In conjunction with the PM-10 maintenance service, a service technician will notify you of any other problems he or she sees. Having them fixed while the technician is on site is always less expensive than calling back later for repairs or replacement parts.

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